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Did you know...

It's estimated that more than 3 MILLION PEOPLE in the U.S. hold an active real estate license? If you're not taking your business cards seriously, it's fair to say that your clients won't either.
If you're not taking your business cards seriously, it's fair to say that your clients won't either.

My name is Ron Schrader, and I'm the owner and founder of Elegant Business Cards.

I've been helping Real Estate professionals across the U.S. with business cards for more than a decade.

Over the years I've created 1000s of designs for agents working with companies like RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, Exit Realty, eXp Realty, and many more!

Working in this industry for as long as I have, has taught me a few very important things, about real estate, marketing, and the important role business cards have to play:

#1 - Real Estate is a highly competitive industry.

According to estimates from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), there are more than 3 million people in the U.S. that hold active real estate licenses.

This means that if you expect to help more clients get results and have a successful real estate career, it's crucial that you find ways to stand out from the crowd with your marketing.

#2 - Your business cards will make an impression one way or another, either good or bad.

Let me ask you an important question...

Does the look and quality of your business card let people know that you're a serious professional who's capable of helping them get the results they're after?

If your answer is "no", odds are that your business card is sending the opposite message.

The simple fact is, if you're handing out cards that look and/or feel cheap, clients are less likely to feel confident in your abilities to help them get the results they're after.

You and I both know a business card has nothing to do with your skills and abilities, and that it does ultimately come down to whether or not you can deliver the desired results. But in the beginning, most business relationships often start with first impressions.

Your business card WILL make an impression one way or another, so why take chances? Make it a good one!

#3- If you're going to do it yourself, you might as well do it right.

I get it. You like being in control.

Over the years I've found that many of my clients prefer to do their own design for various reasons, rather than have someone else design their business card.

-Maybe it's just easier because you know exactly what you want.

-Maybe you're in a rush and don't want to wait for help.

-Maybe you need to stick to a budget, and the DIY approach fits.

Whatever your reasons are for choosing to do your own design work, if you don't have the knowledge, skills, and experience to do it right, you'll just end up wasting a lot of time trying to figure it out, and if your cards make the wrong impression, you might even lose money!

#4- You're going to pay for printing one way or another, so why not get access to a HUGE discount on premium, high-quality printing! 

There are so many choices when it comes to printing, but are other companies giving you a quality, professional product, with fast print & ship times, at the lowest possible price? We will!

This is why I created the...
"Pro Agent Biz Card Pack"

Pro Agent Biz Cards is a solution for ANYONE, at ANY SKILL LEVEL, to be able to create high-quality business card designs that will help you to stand out and make an impression!

First, using the FREE version of Canva, you'll be able to use any of our templates, or choose from the hundreds of templates on the Canva platform, to customize and create your unique business card design.

Graphic Design not your thing? Don't let that stop you!

If you get stuck or need help, Pro Agent members can request FREE design help from our team, and we'll step in to make sure you end up with a business card you'll love.

Each business card template is similar to or inspired by our top-selling designs that clients continue to come back for again and again.

But there's're going to love our discounted printing!
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Here's what's included...

  • Professional Design Templates
First, you'll get access to our growing library of professionally designed business card templates that you can easily edit inside of the free version of Canva.

These templates are designed to help you stand out and make a strong impression on your clients, and each one comes in two versions:

•One sized for printing directly with (if you prefer basic printing)
•One sized for our premium printing (for more professional results)
Some of the designs you'll find in the members area...

Each design can easily be customized with your specific information, including...

  • Updating all text content with your name, title and contact information.
  • Changing colors to match your branding style.
  • ​Inserting your photo, logo and designations.
  • ​Adjusting the layout to fit your specific information.
  • Common Designations
While I'm not able to provide you with every possible designation image, I do have many of the most common images.

I'm sharing this collection with you in a Canva file, so you don't have to go through the hassle of finding at least some of the designations you may want to include on your business cards.

Just open the document and you can easily copy & paste them onto your business card design. Versions for light & dark backgrounds available.
  • Quick Start Videos
Canva is a graphic design platform that makes it easy for anyone to create a variety of graphics for personal and business use.

But in case you're unfamiliar with it, I'm including a series of "quick start" videos that will show you step-by-step how to customize, prepare, and print your business card files.
  • HUGE Discount on our Premium Printing
Print with us and you'll get professional grade card stock at prices the other guys are charging for their low end cards!

As a member, YOU'LL GET A HUGE 25%  DISCOUNT off our retail print pricing!

*Note: Printing services available to US lower 48 states only.

We offer several premium card stocks to choose from, including our very popular, super thick Tri-Layer cards, that many of our clients absolutely love! (see example images below)

And our print times range from 2-6 business days (depending on the quantity and options you select), with express 1-2 business day shipping!

*Average turnaround time is typically 3-5 business days
16 pt Matte or Gloss
18 pt Smooth Matte
24 pt Tri-Layer Green
38 pt Tri-Layer Black
38 pt Tri-Layer Blue
38 pt Tri-Layer Red
  • FREE Design Services
Professional graphic design services can cost anywhere from $15 per hour to well over $100 per hour!

Even at Elegant Business Cards, we've always charged for design work, either up front, or built into the print costs.

But as a member of Pro Agent Biz Cards, along with our massive print discount, you'll have access to design help with our available templates for FREE!

Whether you're working on a Canva template or need help with an older design we've done for you in the past, as a member, you won't pay extra for design changes or help with new design setup!

So if setting up your own design in Canva is intimidating to you, we've got you covered! Just reach out via the request form in the members area and we'll help you 
*Note: Free design services are for business card designs only, for the registered member. Additional fees may apply to members needing help with designs for multiple team members.
Why Should You Trust Me?
Here's What Some Of My Existing Clients Have To Say About Elegant Business Cards...
This Offer Won't Last Forever...
If you're still reading this page, I do need tell you that this offer may not be available to you in the future.

As costs fluctuate, and as more people join, the membership price could go up, or we could run out of room.

The fact is, if you use business cards and like saving money, now is the time to join!
Here's The Recap Of Everything You'll Get Today When You Order The
'Pro Agent Biz Card Pack'
  Professional Business Card Templates >>> (Value $497)
  Growing Template Library >>> (Value over $1997)
  Common Designation Graphics >>> (Value $17)
  Canva "Quick Start" Videos >>> (Value $49)
  Premium Print Discount >>> (Value over $129 annually)
  FREE Design Support >>> (Value over $97 annually)
Total Value Over: $2,786!
Yours Today Just $47/yr!
And One More Thing...
I want you to know that I've been in your shoes many times before, wondering if I should take a risk on a digital product like this.

But here's the thing . . . Along with all of the professional templates that I put a ton of work into creating, Pro Agent Biz Cards includes premium printing at incredible discount that you'll have a tough time finding anywhere else. Trust me, I've looked!

So I'm quite confident that you're going to love the 'Pro Agent Biz Card Pack'!

But if for any reason that's not the case, let us know and we'll cancel your annual subscription and membership, no questions asked!

And while we don't technically offer refunds, due to the digital nature of this product, if this just isn't a good fit for you, reach out within 30 days of your purchase and let us know what you're issue is so we can review your specific case. :)
A business card is such a small thing...both literally and figuratively. But regardless, it still has the power to either get you more leads and clients, or drive people away in search of someone else they believe can help them get the results they're after.

I hope you'll give me and Elegant Business cards the chance to up your game when it comes to your business card marketing.

Take care,
Ron Schrader
Here's Everything You'll Get Instant Access To...
  • The 'Pro Agent Biz Card Pack' which includes 10 professionally designed business card templates that you can easily customize in the free version of Canva. (Valued at $497)
  • Growing Template Library as we continue to add new designs.  (Valued at over $1997)
  • Common Designation Graphics That you can easily add to any of your designs or download for other needs. (Valued at $17)
  • The "Canva Quick Start" Video Series with short, simple to follow videos that will walk you step-by-step through the design and printing processes. (Valued at $49)
  • HUGE Print Discount! You don't have to print with us, but if you do, we're going to give you 25% off our retail premium printing, which also includes express 1-2 day shipping for FREE! (Valued over $123 in savings annually)
  • FREE Design Services! Whether you need help with one of our Canva templates or an old design we've done for you in the past, our graphic design services are always free for members. (*Business card designs only. Additional fees may apply to team member designs. Not available for custom designs from scratch.)
Total Value Over $2,786
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*NOTE: Print savings estimate is based on an average of 2-3 orders per year of our most popular paper type and quantities. Your savings may be more or less depending on the quantity and options you select.
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